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Improved layered sweets

Layered sweets improver is one of the types of powder improvers of Azarnoosh Shokoofeh Company, which is specially designed for the production of layered sweets. Reducing fermentation time, delay in staleness, increasing volume, improving dough machinability

Biscuit powder improver (BISCOTAK)

Biscuit powder improvers consist of a mixture of several emulsifiers to improve the quality characteristics of soft biscuits. Uses: All kinds of soft biscuits.

Heat-resistant nourishing cream

Nourishing cream is one of the new products of Azarnoosh Shokoofeh Company, which is a ready-to-use cream combination for use in a variety of baking industry products such as cakes, croissants, sweets, etc. freshness after the thermal process.

Latest Products

Cake glaze is provided to decorate a variety of cakes. brightness and softness of texture, stability, etc. are the most important features of this product. this product is offered in different flavors.

Is a ready-to-use mixture for producing high-quality confectionery cakes

Greasing oil, helps to release variety of bakery products from moulds and bakery trays easily without any stickiness.

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